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 Certified Stucco Inspector and Repair Contractor                                            WATER PENETRATION OF STUCCO
Builders in the late 1970's began using OSB (oriented strand board) in lieu of the more expensive plywood. The OSB sheathing when it gets wet
is highly absorbent and slow to dry if at all. OSB sheathing, when wet on edges, swells 15% or more and sometimes never returns to its normal size. If water gets behind the stuccowhich is porous, and makes its way to the OSB it will begin to decay, rot and grow mold. In most cases, the water reaches the OSB sheathing from improper flashings, diverters (AKA kick-out flashing) at roof and wall intersections. Another way of water making its way behind the stucco to the OSB is from incorrect application of the water barrier. One form is felt or sometimes referred to as tar paper. In the past the tar paper was more robust and heavier, now many fall short and are inferior for the intended purpose. Homes are also built more air tight and energy efficient then in past. This does not allow air movement from outside in and inside out trapping any water that enters behind the water barrier of the stucco.
All stucco  homes should be inspected and maintained. Preventive maintenance of your stucco home (i.e roof diverters installed). All areas should be inspected by a certified stucco inspector and if determined to have a high moisture content, need to have the stucco  removed. New plywood installed, 2 layers of quality 30# tar paper, all flashings, self furring galvanized wire lath and 3 coats of masonry cement in texture and a color to match existing.                                        
 One Stucco solution to WaterPenetration is having 2 coats of the highest quality elastomeric compound to entire home. It withstands 98 miles per hour wind driven rain, bridges hair line cracks in the Stucco, and stretches 600%. It lets the Stucco wall breathe so as to allow interior condensation to escape and keep internal components of wall able to dry. Our elastomeric has a LIFE TIME product warranty from manufacture. It comes in array of colors and we can custom match   almost any color. This along with a lifetime siliconized caulk at all areas Stucco meets a dissimilar material will PROTECT YOUR GREATEST INVESTMENT.
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